Carpet Cleaning Georgetown Ohio

Pristine Carpet & Tile Cleaning is Georgetown, Ohio’s premier carpet cleaning service. We offer premium services, at an affordable price. If you’re Georgetown home or office is in need of cleaning, Pristine Carpet & Tile Cleaning can make it look better than ever!

Why Choose Us?

At Pristine Carpet & Tile Cleaning, we always go the extra mile for every job! We only use the best chemicals possible. We have a 6 step process for every home. These steps include:

  • Spot treating any spots or stains.

  • Treating the entire area with a strong solution.

  • Using a floor machine to scrub the entire area.

  • Placing corner guards throughout the area to ensure that no damage is done to walls, furniture, ect.

  • Using our high power truck-mounted machine to rinse, and clean, the area.

  • Using air movers, which are very strong fans, to help quickly, and effectively, dry the area. Carpet is normally dry in no more than 2 hours!

  • Leaving behind spotter, to help you keep your carpet cleaner, for longer!

We take extra steps to ensure that your carpet is cleaner for longer. First, we only use the best chemicals possible, to ensure that your carpet gets cleaner than ever! If your carpet doesn’t get clean, then it can’t stay clean! Then, we use a high quality rinse when we use our wand, to help lower the PH level. Leaving a high PH carpet will make it feel not as soft, and will also attract soil faster. Lowering the PH makes your carpet feel soft and fluffy, and helps keep it cleaner longer. Then, we leave behind a bottle of spotter, which will help you remove any accidents that occur! We also offer carpet protection, with a 6 month warranty. We also offer discounts for getting places on a schedule. We offer annual, every 6 months, every 3 months, or whatever will work for your needs!

Simply put, if you have a home or office in Georgetown, Ohio, and need your carpet cleaned, then you shouldn’t look any further! Get the best cleaning you will ever have, guaranteed.

How Do I Schedule?

You may schedule by calling us at 513-404-5034. Or, you may click the button below and fill a form out, and we will contact you with your estimate!